CANCER DOCTORS/OTHERS Dr Lise Alschuler 11/15 Private Practice/Author, Naturopathic Oncologist, Arizona

  Dr Leigh Erin Connealy 3/12/17 Holistic Cancer Doctor and Author

  Dr Francisco Contreras 10/15 100,000 + patients treated Holistic/Immunotherapy, Mexico/California

  Dr Veronique Desaulniers 1/15 Holistic Approach, Canada

  Dr Arlene Donar 4/10 NYC Naturopath, Cancer Supplements/Chemo Side Effects

  Dr Robert Eslinger 3/13 Holistic Cancer Practice, Nevada

  Dr Carlos Garcia 3/10/17 Cancer Physician and Author

  Dr Grace Gawler 7/13 Holistic Cancer Practice, Germany

  Dr Julian Kenyon 11/12 Immunotherapy, England

  Dr Adam Perlman 9/09 While at St. Barnabas/N.J., North Carolina

  Dr Sunil Pai 11/16 Inflammation

  Klaus Pertl 9/16 Germany-3 E Cancer Treatment Budwig Diet

  Dr Geronimo Rubio 9/09 Immune Vaccines, Mexico

  Dr Judy Seeger 10/08/16 Detox after chemo/radiation

  Dr Judy Seeger 5/13 Detox a Specialty, Naturopathic Doctor

  Dr Bernie Siegel 9/10 Internationally Known Mind-Body Medicine, Connecticut

  Dr Patrick Vickers 12/16 Gerson Therapy