A gene variant increases colorectal cancer risk from eating processed meat.

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In a new study in PLOS Genetics researchers reported that a common gene variant that affects one in 3 people seems to increase the risk of colorectal cancer from the consumption of processed meat. Data from over 9,200 patients with colorectal cancer and over 9,100 controls were pooled. Over 2 million variants were analyzed to find those associated with the consumption of meat, fiber, fruits and vegetables and found a significant interaction...

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Is Grape Seed Useful in Bowel Cancer?

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A new study published in PLOS ONE concluded that  grape seed extracts can increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reduce it’s side effects in bowel cancer. The authors said “This is the first study showing that grape seed can enhance the potency of one of the major chemotherapy drugs in its action against colon cancer cells.,” They further said “Our research also showed that in laboratory studies grape seed taken orally significantly...

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