Can Molecule Imaging Improve Bladder Cancer Detection?

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New research published in Science Translational Medicine reported the development of a new strategy that they say could detect bladder cancer with more accuracy and sensitivity than standard endoscopy methods.  They identified a protein known as CD47 as a molecular imaging target to distinguish bladder cancer from benign tissue. Researchers said “Our motivation is to improve diagnosis of bladder cancer that can better differentiate cancer from...

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Does Radiation Therapy for Uterine Cancer Increase Risk of Later Bladder Cancer?

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A new study published in BJU International concluded that radiation therapy used to treat uterine cancer may increase the risk of later developing bladder cancer for those patients. Records of 56,681 women diagnosed with uterine cancer as their first primary malignancy between 1980 and 2006 were analyzed. With an average follow up of 15 years, bladder cancer incidence in uterine cancer patients treated with pelvic radiation therapy was twice as...

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