Carl O Helvie Interview on Chicago Media 3

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Yesterday I was interviewed on Chicago Media 3 by William Maxwell on my cancer journey and my recently published book Reducing Your Cancer Book. Enjoy the interview below. ..

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Social Support Isolation and Cancer Research

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In a study published in Cancer on December 12, 2016 researchers studies 9267 women in the After Breast Cancer Pooling Project. They were interested in determining the post diagnosis social networks and breast cancer mortality of the group. Data was provided within 2 years after diagnosis and social networks included spouses/partners, religious ties, community ties, friendship ties, and numbers of living first-degree relatives. Cox models were...

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Stress and Cancer Research

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There is contradictory research findings showing a link between stress and cancer causation. However, there is more research showing a solid relationship between chronic stress and the progression of cancer. The major cause of death in cancer is from metastasis and to decrease the risk of this outcome for cancer patient interventions should be directed toward destroying  the cancer cells  and making the human host more resistant . Some of the...

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Prayer and Cancer

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In a randomized study reported in in 2012 researchers studied 999 cancer patients at a cancer center between 2003 and 2008 to evaluate the effects of intercessory prayer when added to normal cancer care. Subjects completed Quality of Life and Spiritual Well Being tools at the beginning of the study and 6 months later.  Subjects were prayed for over the study period. Results showed that the intervention group had significantly greater...

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Compassion and Cancer Research

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In 1999, Fogarty et al published research in the Journal of Clinical Oncology on the effect of physician compassion on client’s anxiety, information recall, treatment decisions, and assessment of physician characteristics. One hundred twenty three healthy breast cancer survivors and 87 women without cancer were participants. A randomized pre/post test control group design with a standardized videotape intervention was used. Participants...

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Gratitude research (some studies specific to cancer)

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In a study in the journal of personality and social psychology in 2003 researchers asked subjects to write a few sentences each week, focusing on particular topics. One group wrote about things they were grateful for that had occurred during the week. A second group wrote about daily irritations or things that had displeased them, and the third wrote about events that had affected them (with no emphasis on them being positive or negative)....

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Our Founder

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Carl O Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H. is a registered nurse with a doctorate in Public Health (Johns Hopkins) and over sixty years’ experience as a nurse practitioner, educator, author and researcher. He has published eight books and chapters in four additional ones, and published 40 articles, presented over 55 research papers internationally and 60 papers for lay groups. Some of his books resulted from his development and over 35 years refinement of...

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Faith, Prayer and Cancer Research

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In 1987, Soderstrom and Martison studied the coping strategies of cancer patients and found the most common coping strategy was praying alone or with others, and having others pray for them. In a related study in 1994, Cayse studied stressors and coping strategies of fathers of cancer patients and found that of 29 separate potential strategies, prayer was both the most common and most helpful for men. In 1998, Ferrell et al, studied a random...

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Optimism and Cancer Research

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In 1993, Carver et al studied how coping mediates the effect of optimism on distress. Fifty nine breast cancer patients were studied and reported on their overall optimism about life and recent coping responses and distress levels at the following times; at diagnosis, 1 day presurgery, 10 days postsurgery, and at 3-, 6-, and 12-mo follow-ups.  Results showed that optimism related inversely to distress at each point, even controlling for prior...

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Meditation and Cancer Research

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In the 1970’s Ainslie Meares published a series of studies about cancer patients being treated with meditation with evidence of regression of tumors in some patients while not having had any orthodox treatment that could have affected the outcome. These included a woman with breast cancer (1976), a man with ontogenetic sarcoma (1978), two patients with Hodgkin’s disease (1978, and a patient with carcinoma of the rectum (1979). Additional...

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Visualization Guided Imagery and Cancer Research

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In 1999, Walker et al studied the influence of visualization and relaxation on cancer patients receiving chemotherapy to see if they would improve the quality of life and the treatment responses. Ninety-six women with newly diagnosed advanced breast cancer took part in a prospective, randomized controlled trial where they were randomly placed in a control group (standard care) or experimental group (standard care plus relaxation training and...

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