How We Differ from Other Cancer Foundations

Hello and Welcome to our website. Our foundation differs from others because we focus on:

  • A holistic approach;
  • Multiple aspects of education, research, patient care and politics;
  • Multiple cancer types.

A holistic approach consists of combining physical, mental and spiritual modalities as well as considering the environment, relationships and politics because all of these elements influence health and wellness (cancer and recovery) and may need to be assessed and included in any treatment plan.

An important part of any cancer program is education for those who have cancer or want to prevent it as well as lawmakers who influence cancer programs and public access to these programs through the decisions they make. Likewise, because we evolve in a dynamic environment cancer causation changes over time and consequently ongoing research is needed to identify and find solutions to these changing causes. In today’s world where harsh invasive drugs and procedures that often compromise the immune system have evolved as the treatment of choice for most medical conditions including cancer, medical coverage is often denied those who wish to find treatment outside the conventional realm. These cancer patients are subsequently often required and frequently unable to pay for their treatment of choice. This gap provides a rationale for both funding patient care and involvement in the political process to bring about necessary changes in cancer care and funding.

Successful Use of the Holistic Approach for Cancer and Other Health Issues

As the founder of the Carl O Helvie Holistic Cancer Foundation (HCF) my interest in using a holistic natural approach for health problems including cancer began when I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1974, was offered chemotherapy and surgery and given 6 months to live by conventional medicine.  Following prayers and meditation it was clear that I should use a holistic natural approach to cure my cancer and avoid chemo and surgery. In addition, as a registered nurse with two masters and doctorate in public health I had learned that health and illnesses are processes resulting from the interaction of multiple factors in man, the agent and the environment and from this perspective there should be multiple factors involved in the treatment and resolution of cancer and other disease processes.

A few years before I was diagnosed with lung cancer I had been learning about Edgar Cayce and his healing of people with different medical/health conditions using a holistic approach. Thus, it was natural for me to add mental, spiritual, relationship, environmental and political components to the natural non-invasive physical interventions prescribed for me by my alternative doctor for life challenging lung cancer.  After seeing that the approach was successful for cancer and equally successful for other health problems occurring as I aged, I wanted to share this information through my books and articles, hosting a radio show on holistic health for the past six years and now through this foundation. I hope you will get as excited as I am about the value of a holistic approach in the resolution of cancer and other health conditions.

How We Can Interact

For those readers who have successfully used all or part of a holistic natural approach for cancer and survived for 5 years or longer I would be interested in interviewing you for both my Holistic Health radio show and this website as encouragement for others to try the holistic approach when faced with a similar cancer diagnosis. Please email me through the Contact Page to arrange an interview. If you have dropped by to see what we are all about your comments are welcomed below.

If you are faced with a cancer diagnoses and are looking for resources we offer information and research data on this website. Over time we plan to expand beyond education to provide money for research and patient care, and work with the political system to bring about change in cancer care and financing. You will find much of the information presented here includes only parts of a holistic approach and it may be up to you to put it together. In my own experience I found all parts were important and believe faith and optimism, affirmations, and visualization were as important in my recovery from lung cancer as the physical aspects of laetrile, pancreatic enzymes, vitamin A and other modalities prescribed by my alternative doctor. You will find the specific Purposes for the Foundation and Board Members under the tabs above.