Cancer is one of the most dreaded adult diseases in the United States and world. Despite the suffering, pain and deaths resulting from cancer, statistics seem to indicate that little is being done to reduce cancer risks and prevent it. The latest statistics show that over a lifetime one out of every two adults will receive a diagnosis of Cancer. In 1900 it was 1 in every 30 people and in the 1940’s it was one in 14. In 1970’s it was 1 in 10. So rates have steadily increased despite the Government’s “War on Cancer.” If you learn about ways to prevent cancer and apply what you can in your own life, you may reduce your risk of cancer to less than the quoted 50%.

The WHO reports that about half of all cancers are preventable and could have been avoided if current medical/health knowledge was applied. The disease could be tackled by addressing lifestyle factors, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, diet and exercise. In fact, current research shows that 30 minutes daily of exercise could reduce cancer risk by 50% and proper nutrition could reduce it 35%. Even the containers used for drinking water, the electro-magnetic waves in your home, the supplements and immune builders you use or fail to use and many other things can affect your cancer risk.

Mental and Spiritual aspects of health are also important in cancer prevention. In a recent research study cancer patients having higher spirituality experienced a greater quality of life than those who had comparable levels of pain and fatigue but lower levels of spirituality. Breast cancer patients reported prayer was the most used method of coping with their condition. In another study those who expressed gratitude had stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, had fewer symptoms of illness, slept better and were better able to tolerate aches and pains.

This book is 152 pages in length and following a theoretical framework on cancer prevention it provides an overview of many of the factors that are carcinogenic and when avoided can reduce your cancer risks including electromagnetic frequencies, selected carcinogenic chemicals and metals, and ultraviolet rays. In addition, it includes many things you can do to strengthen your mind/spirit/body against carcinogens including physical things such as physical activity; fluids; nutrition; vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements; immune builders; sleep; smoking cessation,; and music and mental/spiritual activities that will strengthen the body against assault such as affirmations, expressing compassion, faith, forgiveness, gratitude, meditation, optimism, prayer, relaxation exercises, serving others, social support, stress reduction, and visualization.

For each area of content there is a review of research and some include additional research studies, a list of things you can do to avoid the carcinogen or strengthen your body, and an interview for some topics that includes over 40 national leaders in areas from GMO and EMT to gratitude and forgiveness. In the how to section you will learn such practices as how to meditate, how to develop gratitude and faith, how to make minor changes in your diet and drinking water to eliminate risks, how to reduce stress and on and on.

This is one of my first fundraising efforts for the Carl O Helvie Holistic Cancer Foundation ( and I hope the information will be useful to you in reducing your cancer risk.

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Reducing Your Cancer Risk A Holistic Approach by Dr Carl Helvie






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Reducing Your Cancer Risk A Holistic Approach by Dr Carl Helvie